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Eyebrows frame our faces. If they are not properly done they can change our look. A proper brow shaping includes a measurement of your face and brows, followed by a wax and trim. Having this done by a professional can enhance your features.

Avoiding caffeine for 5 hours before getting waxed will reduce sensitivity. Caffeine restricts the blood vessels so skin is not getting as much blood flow which increases sensitivity. Taking an Ibuprofen 1 hour before will aid in reducing sensitivity and inflammation. Also, avoid getting waxed on your menstrual cycle. Your skin will be much more sensitive during that time. Please do not tan 3 days before or after waxing. Tanning before you get waxed could cause skin lifting, and you could burn after you get waxed from the freshly exfoliated skin.

Sometimes makeup, sweat, and touching the newly waxed skin can cause irritation and breakouts. Please avoid wearing makeup when coming in, working out directly before or after, and whatever you do: DO NOT TOUCH THE WAXED AREA!

You may tweeze in between appointments, however, our brow specialists will show you the areas to stay away from. Please ask for guidance if you have to tweeze. Keep in mind if you avoid tweezing, you will have cleaner, longer-lasting brows.

We recommend booking every 4- 6 weeks.

Please do not use retinols, retina, or scrub your face 3 days before your treatment. If you are pregnant or nursing please consult with your doctor. Since Hydrafacial is a wet microdermabrasion treatment, please no working out the same day and no sun exposure for 24-48 hours.


Brow lamination is a chemical process in which is applied to the Brow hair to achieve a more fuller, organized, and fluffier Brow. Please avoid all topical face creams prior to your appointment and 24 hours after. Please do not work out, sweat, or wet the brow area for 24 hours, or there may be a reaction.

Yes. Internal Medication such as Accutane and topicals that include Retin-A, Salicylic Acid, Differin, Tazorac, Avage, Strivectin, Renova, ProActive, Avita, Benzoyl Peroxide, Glycolic Acids. All of the above-mentioned can enhance skin sensitivity that could lead to the lifting of the skin when removing hair. Most of these medications are made to treat acne, therefore they thin out the top layer of the skin. If waxed while taking these medications your skin could cause “skin lifting” which is very painful and could result in scabbing.

All services may be performed on clients under the age of 18 with a parent consent form which we provide. Clients 15 and under need to have a parent in the room for all services.

We love kids, however, for the safety of our environment, we have a “No Child Policy” Thank you for understanding.

Yes. Waxing is sanitary. We never double dip our wax sticks. Ever! For the sanitation and safety of others and the environment, if you are ill please reschedule your appointment. Thank you for understanding!

A- for lash extensions we require a 24-hour glue test. This is to ensure that you are not allergic to the glue. If you choose to opt-out of it you will be required to initial on our consent form. Most full sets are about 2 hours long please avoid caffeine within 4 hours of your appointment. Please come with clean eyes, no makeup, and no lashes curled. This is very important to get the most out of your full set appointment.

B- for lash lifts please come with clean eyes, no makeup, and no lashes curled. This is very important to get the most out of your lash lift. Using makeup removers and getting your lashes wet prior to the appointment can affect the results of your lash lift.

Tinting of the brow hairs is designed to darken the hair to give a more youthful and darker appearance. Tinting of the brows may come out dark for a few days, as it stains the skin and sometimes can be patchy depending on texture of your skin, oils, etc. Please avoid all makeup and skincare on the day of your tint for optimal results. For lash tinting, we recommend coming in with clean eyes on the day of your service. We use an FDA approved tint, which is plant based and 100% safe for the eye area. This is not Henna brow, which can be mistaken for tinting. We do not do henna, as henna is illegal in the State of California.